Where is Home?

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Home is Important.

Home is the most important thing to a person.  It is a haven.  It can mean many things to many people;

Freedom, Family, Fun, Friends...

The list goes on.  So whatever Home may mean to You, our apartments are here to provide that for you.

Work with Us.

Blue Ridge Companies will take your project from idea into development and will continue to manage your properties using the highest standards.

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We offer a professional, challenging, and fun work environment with a focus on success, and most importantly, our residents.

Career Opportunities

Our Mission

"Creating a positive impact for all we touch so that we leave each

community better than we found it."

By following this credo, Blue Ridge associates separate themselves on a daily basis from traditional real estate developers and managers. By always asking ourselves the hard questions of "Is it in the best interest of the community; is it in the best interest of our clients; and is it in the best interest of our people", Blue Ridge is able to develop and maintain only the highest of standards in the development and management industries. At Blue Ridge, we believe that Positive Impact is not attained by doing things the "easy way" but by doing things the right way.   

In order to create a Positive Impact we start by establishing a strong internal culture which is the foundation of a healthy company.