Our History:

Drawing inspiration from the famous Blue Ridge Parkway from which our name is derived, Blue Ridge Companies was formed in 1997 in the heart of North Carolina.  Our founders, David Couch and Chris Dunbar, envisioned a company that could integrate all phases of real estate - development, construction and management - in order to operate more efficiently on behalf of its clients.  They believed that creating synergy between these different disciplines was the key to optimizing a real estate investment and they made it the primary focus of their company.  Operating under this approach, Blue Ridge has been able to utilize creative solutions in order to solve the challenges that face our partners and clients in the industry for well over a decade.

Every time we see our logo, we are reminded of the determination and resolve that the engineers of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s storied viaduct possessed when they designed such a marvel of modern engineering.  Building upon a strong foundation (the mountain’s base) and by working with open-minded land owners, the engineers were able to creatively solve the challenge of navigating the mountain while maintaining its natural beauty and integrity (the viaduct).  For the Blue Ridge Parkway, the philosophy of creative compromise resulted in a beautiful piece of engineering, and an award winning bridge.  For Blue Ridge Companies, this same philosophy has resulted in strong relationships and success within our industry, and an award winning company.